Bumper feet

Rubber and plastic bumpers are perfect for optimally protecting cabinets, floors and all kinds of furniture. Bump caps also ensure less noise when kitchen cabinets and drawers are accidentally slammed or closed. Other names for bumpers are buffers, door buffers, door stoppers, appliance feet and silicone drops. Read more...

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The bumpers with a self-adhesive layer on the underside are quick and easy to apply to a clean surface. End caps with flange can be used to neatly seal the open end of a pipe, such as a chair leg, so that the floor is no longer damaged. They are also used on clothes racks so that people cannot get hurt by the open tubes. Instead of self-adhesive bumpers, these bumpers are used for kitchen cabinets and other furniture. A hole is first drilled in the relevant cupboard door.

Can be used everywhere

The special transparent round self-adhesive bumpers are very suitable for protecting the glass plates of tables, for example. The caps can be easily stuck under all kinds of devices. The same caps, also called silicone drops, are often used on cupboard doors so that they do not slam hard against the cupboard behind. The larger door stoppers that require a hole or hole to be drilled remain in place at all times because they are actually fixed into the material. Small square design self-adhesive black bump caps can also be ordered online. These are especially suitable for sticking under equipment that you place on sensitive glass desks or work tables. Or on tables with a quickly damaged top layer such as fine paintwork.

The options at a glance:

  • Small rubber caps - Type 1 - for drill hole 5 mm
  • Small rubber caps - Type 2 - for drill hole 4.5 - 5 mm
  • Small rubber caps - Type 3 - for drill hole 9 mm
  • Small rubber caps - Type 4 - for drill hole 6 mm
  • Self-adhesive bumpers - Type 1 - 8 mm
  • Self-adhesive bumpers - Type 2 - 10 mm
  • Self-adhesive bumpers - Type 3 - 10 mm
  • Bump caps trapezoid - 12 mm
  • Bump caps trapezoid - 20 mm
  • PVC corner protectors

Paste or drill

The rubber bumpers where a hole has to be drilled to place them can be used on the stop side of the door. You can easily drill this door stopper with a 5 mm drill into the end of the side wall of the cabinet. The door stoppers are ideal for the following purposes:

  • As door buffers for kitchen cabinets, chests of drawers and other furniture
  • Under furniture to protect the floor from scratches
  • To fill the gap at the end of pipes
  • To hide ugly holes

The next option is transparent round caps made of rubber or silicone and are also called buffers, door buffers, cabinet buffers, appliance feet, silicone drops or self-adhesive bumpers. There is a self-adhesive layer on the underside of the caps that greatly facilitates installation. The self-adhesive caps are sold on sheets of paper with multiple caps. They are used as shock absorbers, under appliances to prevent damage to glass tables and to gently close cabinet doors. Caps and Buffers sells this product in 4 different versions:

  • Type 1: 8 mm diameter x 1.5 mm height, round shape (300 pcs)
  • Type 2: 10 mm diameter x 1.5 mm height, round shape (300 pcs)
  • Type 3: 10 mm diameter x 3 mm height, round shape (300 pcs)
  • Type 4: 20x20 mm bottom x 7.6 mm height (10x10 mm top), trapezoid shape (54 pieces)

Frequently asked questions

What are bumper caps?
Bumper caps are round caps made of rubber. They are mainly used to prevent damage to appliances, glass tables and cabinet doors. They are easy to install and remove without damaging the surface. View our extensive range bumper caps.

Are bumper caps self-adhesive?
Most bumpers are self-adhesive. Ideal and easy to stick on your device or cabinet. Are you looking for self-adhesive bumper caps? View our extensive range of self-adhesive bumper caps.