Who we are

Welcome to the Caps and Buffers website. We sell chair leg caps, buffers, door stoppers, protectors, felts and caps in all sizes made of, for example, rubber, silicone, cork and plastics. Our products are used by our customers for their furniture but also for creative solutions. If you are looking for a product or a different size that is not on our website, please let us know. We may then be able to include a new product or an additional dimension in our range.

Our products

All available from stock

We are going to be very honest about our offer: we only sell what we like ourselves, not what makes us the most profit. Everything shown in the webshop that can be placed in the shopping cart is available from stock. If an item is no longer in stock, it is not possible to put the item in the shopping cart. It may be that we are waiting for new stock from our supplier or the item is no longer available. We import goods from different countries. We search virtually and in real life for the right products.

Delivery almost everywhere in Europe

We supply our products to everyone in Europe, in almost every country. Our warehouse is in the Netherlands and that is where we ship from. We do not charge shipping costs for shipments to the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, unless otherwise stated. For shipments outside these countries we charge the amount that we are charged by the shipping service by, these are also favorable rates.


If the quality of our products is disappointing or if we do get a complaint about a product afterwards, we consider removing the product from our assortment. It is also possible that at that moment we will add a similar product from another supplier to our assortment.